Kikusui Karakuchi, Honjozo, Fortified
Medium body, smooth and crisp, with a nice dry finish- ideal with food. Dry and light-bodied
180ml $9.50
Kiku-Masamune Cup, Dry Sake
Dry with notes of nougat and sweet rice with a velvety body. Dry and light-bodied
180ml $6.75
Kikusui Funaguchi, Nama Genshu, Unpasteurized
Melon nose with luscious and ripe fruits on the palate, this sake is thick and strong, but finishes clean. Semi-sweet and full-bodied, ABV 19%
200ml $11.00
Asahiyama, Junmai, Pure Rice
Clean and direct, with a sturdy mouth feel and a crisp finish. A great sake to pair with complex foods. Mid-dry and medium-bodied
720ml $30.00
Suigei "Drunken Whale", Toku-Junmai, Special Grade
A serious sake with a nose of hops and cucumber, followed by a heavy mouth feel of minerality and a touch of sea water. Dry and medium-bodied
300ml $28.00
Kikusui, Junmai Ginjo, High Grade
Ginger and mandarin oranges on the nose with a luscious mouthfeel and very clean finish. A beautiful sake. Semi-dry and medium-bodied
300ml $21.00
Kikusui "Perfect Snow", Nigori Genshu Unfiltered, Undiluted
Start with a heavy mouthfeel of chewy rice and notes of sweet honeydew melon, but a dry finish. Sweet and very full-bodied, ABV 21%
300ml $21.00
Kikumasamune Kinushiro Nigori, Unfiltered
A serious sake with a nose of hops and cucumber, followed by a heavy mouth feel of minerality and a touch of sea water. Semi-dry and medium-bodied
500ml $28.00


Small House or Purple Haze (Raspberry)
$3.00 | $4.00
Large House or Purple Haze (Raspberry)
$5.00 | $6.00


Takara Premium Plum
A rich, sweet and aromatic plum wine suitable as an aperitif. The plum flavor comes from "ume" a special plum cultivated in japan which is very tart in flavor
Glass $8.00
A Japanese umeshu liqueur made from ume fruit. Its taste is sweet and tart with notes of almond. Comes with one piece of "ume", a special plum cultivated in japan which is very tart in flavor
Glass $6.00
Vinho Verde, Seafood & Co. Portugal
Light and crisp. This white wine is bright, acidic and even has a little bubble to it to broaden the palate. Great with seafood and salads!
Bottle $20.00 | Glass $6.00
Pinot Blanc, Deutscherrenhof, Mosel, Germany
Dry, medium-bodied, and delicate, this complex white wine offers green apples, spring flowers, and a bright acidity along with all the minerality expected of german
Bottle $22.00 | Glass $7.00
Chardonnay, Carol Shelton, Sonoma, CA
Medium-bodied white wine with light oak barrel-fermentation for a soft, creamy mouthfeel, punctuated by bright acidity and a touch of buttery fruit
Bottle $30.00
Pinot Noir, Isabela, Patagonia, Argentina
Light, medium bodied, a different angle on pinot from the high elevation of patagonia. Elegant and complex with red fruit, a touch of vanilla, and roses, with a fresh, juicy, and long finish
Bottle $25.00 | Glass $8.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Bela, Colchagua, Chile
Full-bodied and rich, this cabernet was oaked for 20 months in 100% french oak, giving it a great toasty backbone with fluid blue and black berries on the palate
Bottle $33.00


Orion, Draft Lager, Okinawa
Brewed only on the island, is crisp, light and refreshing with a mild taste
12oz Can $4.50 | 22oz Bottle $7.00
Echigo Red Ale
From the oldest microbrewery in japan, this red ale has caramel aromas and a malty taste, but smooth, and easy on the hops
12oz Can $5.50
Echigo Koshihikari Ale
This beer is made with special koshihikari rice and barley. With a crisp and refreshing flavor, the sweet aroma of rice, and elegant fragrance
12oz Can $5.50
12oz $4.50 | 22oz $7.00
Kirin Ichiban
12oz $4.50 | 22oz $7.00
12oz $4.50 | 22oz $7.00
12oz $4.50
12oz $4.50


Bud Light - 12oz $4.50
Coors Light - 12oz $4.50


Coke $1.75
Sprite $1.75
Diet Coke $1.75
Diet Pepsi $1.75


Japanese Hot Green Tea $2.50
Iced Green Tea $2.00
Thai Iced Tea $3.50


Mango Juice $3.00
Lemonade $3.00
Coconut Juice $3.00
Apple Juice $3.00


Hornitos Tequila $6.00
Makers Mark Whiskey $7.00
Malibu Black Rum $5.00
Tito's Vodka $6.00
Seagram's Gin $5.00


Old Fashion $10.00
Margarita on the Rocks $8.00
Gin and Tonic $6.00
Cosmos $7.00
Tokyo's Sex Anywhere $8.00
sex on the beach with cherry juice added

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